RAD96 mobile is a highly reliable, virtual autonomous system. Thanks to the unique 64-bit DSP code, it allows you to monitor the signal strength of your mobile phone in real-time. Virtual SHF transmitter allows this autonomous system to bypass all existing signal blockers. RAD96 autonomous system operates discreetly as a virtual router and can greatly facilitate the work with your carrier. RAD96 mobile application has the computing power of the entire VLAN network of 96 nodes. The nodes are divided into 4 layers, which correspond to the physical, data link, network and transport layers of the OSI model, as well as the application, transport, internetwork and data link layers of the TCP/IP model. This property makes it possible to use RAD96 autonomous system for both frame-by-frame operation and packet communication such as Ethernet. Just one click on the RAD96 mobile application and your connection will be restored, both via the mobile line and via the mobile Internet line, as well as Wi-Fi and other communications that fall within the range of RAD96 autonomous system.

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