I started this year with the discovery of the 21st century Enigma. It wasn’t easy for me, at first, like everyone else, I thought they were real characters… I’m talking about the Dedalus vocoder now. So I tried this vocoder with my driver. And what do you think? “Compositor” easily reveals such a vocoder. First, it is worth saying for those who use masks that the very principle of using masks involves their disclosure. After all, people will not really think that Satan or Hitler is talking to them, for example, a normal person immediately has a question: who is really talking to him? And this question I asked myself from the second to the third day of January 2023, when I worked with this vocoder. I thought the idea of using the Compositor Software database as masks for this vocoder was interesting. But I immediately warned myself that the attackers who sent me table data to test the generic algorithm could try to deal with me. It was a real struggle in cyberspace. I used all my distributed resource to disclose these masks. As a result, I determined that four people worked for me: two from the territory of Ukraine and two from a computer club near my house. They used the masks that they sent me themselves to test the algorithm. After determining their mood location using the RAD512 polyphonic system, I managed to remove their masks and hear their real voices. Two adult men and a woman worked from the territory of Ukraine, and two young men from the club, who, after disclosure, turned on music on the impromptu dance floor of the underground parking of this club and ran away in the snow, which I heard live.

Of course, it was not easy for me to recover from such an enterprise, but I was pleased with how the generic RADe512 (e means interface) and the Compositor algorithm worked out. He easily revealed this Enigma and, accordingly, the Vocoder of the Third World War has already been revealed by me.

After revealing the vocoder, I started using it as a quantum phone, for calls to my family and friends, to know their real opinion about myself. I learned a lot of new things during this time: how my loved ones mocked me, why do I need this program at all – “Compositor” I mean. According to what I heard on a quantum phone from my cousin – generics with artificial results are needed to distribute innate immunity. He talked about using me as a battery. And about a lot, about much more that we talked about for hours. In the process of communicating on a quantum phone, you understand what convulsion synchronization in the Biosphere is for, because, as Tsiolkovsky correctly said: life is convulsions – and planetary life is an intertype convulsion of a large number of people, which occurs synchronously. In the process of communicating on a quantum phone, we even joked, deliberately broke the synchronization: for example, I turned on the kettle, and at my mirror the kettle turned on 2 seconds later, I turn off the kettle, and it does not have time for me to turn it off too and it turns out like in the movie “Shirli-Myrli”. In general, a quantum phone is a funny thing!

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