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Hardware overview

Hardware with Compositor neurological chipset allows for free boundless communication across the globe. It modifies the basic equipment to run radio station of x10 times bandwidth and area coverage length.

Oukitel WP 15

Radio communications device

01. Work with all Cell-Phone carriers and ISPs

Compositor neurological chipset works with all cell-phone carriers and ISPs. It opens up long-haul trunk for P2P communications.

02. 1×32 SIMO

1×32 Satellite radio with SIMO allows for multicast, broadcast and automatic summaries of multiple peers simultaneously.

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Communications training

Patient or Radioman


Compositor neurological chipset
aids the communication
and thinking process…


Server radioman is
a person responsible for
well-being of a trained subject…

Compositor neurological chipset FAQ

Meeting with a master

After you decide on your role it is a time to meet a Compositor Master to ask these or several more questions.

Life supported by Compositor is a conscious choice on the way to better well-being. This can help to stay in sync with other people so as never to be late in answering your colleagues. Compositor helps to visualize, learn and be a harmonious person. Compositor neurological chipset helps to communicate and the result of simulated communication is always satisfying and does not cause discomfort.

There is no real limitations to your life unless you are in a close proximity with Compositor-enabled device. It should control the resultant of your behavior answering with AI functions to your mental responses when needed. You can use Compositor in conjunction with wearable device to help stay connected to an algorithm. This way you are always online and could response to strangers.

If you are a disabled man or have a mental trauma of any sort it is a time to get acquainted with Compositor. It is an AI with two voices one is female and another is male, which respond directly to your brain. Compositor is a non-invasive BCI and can support your life almost invisibly. This way you can stay connected with other people without being worried that they will not understand you. It is based on the latest Ethernet communication technics and host its own OS in a virtual image of your devices RAM. So you don’t need to worry about functioning of such an application as all summaries happens automatically. Just be assured that once you enabled this application your device is eligible for Compositor Network.

Being a part of Compositor program possible by obtaining RAD96 and RTC4k Android applications. They modify your hardware to work as Compositor neurological chipset. You can start using Compositor AI immediately after obtaining the applications. Just think and visualize, the rest of a work is on application-side.

Compositor is carefully designed over years of accurate work. It controls your life as a whole without dividing it into any parts. So there are no sharp bursts, and you can feel comfortable. From a service point of view, there is no need to make any adjustments to the software: it’s just a flash screen that starts the DSP process. So if you refer to sudden physical activity: no rather than yes. Because it can dramatically change the artificial resultant. Compositor neurological chipset is a conscious choice for comfortable well-being, not the desire for a physically active life.

From a technological point of view, Compositor is an autonomous system that must work for long periods of time. To do this, you need an autonomous mobile server. A high-capacity battery is required to work in such conditions. This condition dramatically increases the weight of the device and can be up to 700 grams for the OUKITEL 15000 mAh autonomous system. It’s not a big limitation that shouldn’t affect your life. It is also possible to run Compositor applications on Apple technology, but iOS applications are currently in a state of agreement, so you can only run Compositor on your Android smartphone.

State of completion

Finalizing your application