Starting September 1, 20231 year

TC25 – Time Collision 25 solves the important problem in Linux kernel v3. This Linux, Unix, Android patch mod overcomes buffer overflows inherent to this OS’s kernels. In MaxMSP domain by using a L2 closed loop I enabled to remove History operators from Compositor DSP code, which work as sample (-1) gate for internal Delay operators. By circumventing a DSP code to use a closed loop I solve the problem of C++ -1 memory pointers, which prevent train of 1s buffer overflows errors. By solving time collisions on 25th frame (whole closed loop of TC25 is 24 frames), I prolong the false route written by a stochastic generator as well as introduce more robustness to such kernels.

TC25 mod is the first L2 closed loop mod from Compositor Software with zero-buffer.