Starting September 4, 20231 year

STL1212 multithread computer allows access to 8 cores of STL1212 physical server at Compositor Software. This way it allow to hold up to 8 licenses for Compositor real-time cores such as AI-RT1024, N9000 and Compositor Max for Live.

Using the resource utilization method STL1212 consumes less CPU power and allows more resources for signal processors. STL1212 doesn’t consume resources for stochastic estimation and real-time layer events as it frees up these resources for Hypervisor v7 machines.

Working in cloud allows bundled STL1212 version to connect to STL1212 standalones run at Compositor Software. These full-scale virtual machines take huge amount of time to load and successfully work 24/7 at Compositor Software location.

STL1212 allows utilizing real-time cores of Hypervisor v7 feeders into the STL1212 cloud. Up to 48-cores run at Compositor Software location simultaneously. These resources are linked to your virtual machine and you can use them by enabling STL1212 in Hypervisor v7.