Starting October 2, 20236 months

Designed to function as a feedback mechanism Compositor RT-z128 actively scans all bands of wave propagation and performs an event in order to protect the station if offending signal detected. Such signal must present in the stations angular vector direction. Compositor RT-z128 actively protects station-registered person. The operation of the station is whole Spherical Interaction Network (SIN). The stations channel waveguides has detectors that protect during the attacks on the station to lower the volume and consistency of offending signals. Two shields of 8th order are used to protect station output from the overloads and also from aliasing. There is DC-offset remover on every of the 72 channels and on the main channel also. This way Compositor RT-z128 can reject both positive and negative amplitude signals, DC-offsets and noise signals. It can also decimate incoming analog synthesizers to the point when they no longer constitute the analog waveform stating the defeat of that analog system.