Starting January 2, 20246 months

V12 engine virtualization for transmitting, scanning and real-time operation of sound frequencies with FDM and TDM technics using quantum interpolation method. High level security operation can avoid system breach by VLF operation of 64+64 bit block-cipher device with variable keying. No virus can ever attack this system by inability to predict the state of the bottom-up approached device.

Coded in C++ with Extern C on standard C library functions and using genlib.cpp library without header functions, library inclusions and implicit parameter declaration avoiding the use of main() function. Transferred to .cpp file with library inclusions, header functions, explicit parameter declaration without main() function by exportcode command of MaxMSP linker/loader software since version 6.1.

Intended use as a shared library development tool for Spherical Interaction Network (SIN) software solution implemented on twisted pair networks. Submitted as a solution for Ethernet protocol under workgroup name 802.1Q.