Compositor PRO 1

Starting October 13, 20236 months

Kinetic tower was a dream for many centuries. Now, Compositor Pro v1 is a software for hyperbolic construction using the sequence structure and a wind force to travel in three-dimensional field with an ease of visiting a cafeteria on the tallest building in the world.

The construction software Compositor Pro version 1 uses hyperboloid structure with two elevators presenting waveguide columns and non-linear mesh sections. Compositor can achieve hyperbolic constructions with full-scale phase measuring in radians for proper Darboux stages construction. The 3D dot display shows the position of waveguides and meshes placement in a tower design to ensure the security and lower the mass tension on the structure. The acoustic recreation is a new word in architectural design, which together with physical modeling gives precise engineer vision of kinetic tower. The waveguides can operate in both spheres of propagation such as water and air for underwater and ground construction. The proper symmetry achieves the bottom field of 16 construction types. This is sufficient for an engineering of towers, which aims three main goals: telecommunication, sea view exploration and underwater filming. Proper elevation by molding can give exceptional conditions for tallest buildings in the world.