Compositor Max for Live

Starting January 8, 20242 months

Unlike many random generators, Compositor Max For Live gives predictable results with algorithmic approach. The device name uniquely describes the use of musical steps, which give together a sequence with unordinary sound qualities. Compositor uses exponential grid instead of well-proven 16th or 32nd quantized note structures. The control of rhythmic and synthesis foundation is achieved by using just one parameter named Year.

Compositor Max For Live instrument uses lower level code language GenExpr based on C++ and JavaScript, which makes possible to painlessly update Cycling ’74 MaxMSP software without a need to update Compositor device. Compositor Max For Live is programmed like real-life DSP synthesizer hence the sound quality and user stability is much higher than conventional object-oriented MaxMSP programming. Compositor uses 32-bit wavetable windows instead of envelopes to encase the sound steps.