Compositor neurological chipset helps to sustain in a world of changes. The neural aid procedure consists of: creation of a database, learning of an algorithm, chipset installation on a mobile phone and server.

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Compositor neurological chipset

Compositor neurological chipset is a transparent bridge architecture for docking the software processor with vRouter. The software processor has 24-cores with an L1-3 cache of 524 KB, which is enough to work in any orchestration. vRouter has a 32-channel modem, a 10k MAC table and a built-in bus for docking two modules. The resulting software processor and vRouter are trained using a machine learning database. This allows you to follow the trained algorithm in accordance with the personality of the artist Ruslan Yusipov. The algorithm has more than 30,000 hours of teaching the material of Ruslan's pseudonyms, such as TeknoUSA, RusNRG, Exalted and Boosty. This helps to control the ranking algorithms of your music applications and streaming television according to his tastes. Whether you are on the street or in the studio, the Compositor neurological chipset will help you achieve proper inspiration by listening to music that was carefully selected during Ruslan's career as an artist. Compositor neurological chipset applications support Windows, Android, MacOS and iOS architectures.

Chipset timeline

Compositor roadmap

Compositor neurological chipset advanced from a root management software to 2nd order closed loop architecture.

Cloud token service

Using tokenized access to a server provides you with the possibility to limit communications only to a predefined group of people.

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Life with neurological chipset

An ability to make a choice in your life guided with artificial assistance.

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Compositor NRTOS

Compositor NRTOS

Compositor NRTOS is a UNIX-type operating system. You can program it via the modified micro-architecture kernel Compositor RAD96 and the command line UNIX (Terminal Mac OS). Compositor RAD96 microkernel is equivalent to the future Linux kernel version 8.5.6, which, starting with version 5, runs at the sampling rate of the modem driver. You can also program the ALU of your processor via the micro-architecture kernel Compositor RTC4k, but unlike the modem version, which runs on the signal protocols, through RTC4k you connect to the processor instruction set and can change the processor speed to Mac Pro Turbo Boost mode of 4.4 GHz. So even running iMac 24 inch on Apple M1 you can trick the system to view it as Mac Pro. The RTC4k microkernel is equivalent to the Linux kernel version 4.5. RAD96 kernel allows you to patch the Mac OS Darwin kernel to Mountain Lion version 10.8.3.


Install Compositor neurological chipset

To run Compositor neurological chipset you need two Android applications: RTC4k and RAD96.

Android, iOS, macOS applications for free

To operate Compositor neurological chipset you need to download RTC4k and RAD96 (RAD256) applications.

For Android download RTC4k and RAD96 applications:
Download RTC4kDownload RAD96
You need to install TestFlight first
For iOS, macOS download RTC4k and RAD256 applications beta (TestFlight):
Download RTC4kDownload RAD256


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